Below are a few things that should help all Miami students enjoy hockey games at Steve Cady Arena...

Never Turned a Student Away
Contrary to rumors on campus - No matter what time it is or how many seats are left in the arena, all you need to get in to the game is yourself and a current Miami ID (the white ID will not work). We like to pack the house—the more the merrier! Once the seats have filled, we still have Standing Room areas and with five minutes remaining in the first period, any un-used seat can be filled!

Host Groups at Games
You can entertain as many friends as you want during the game and even create your own section (Really you can entertain a group of friends - maybe not 500). All you have to do is contact the Sports Marketing Department at 513-529-0402 or and set up a date and time of when you would like to attend. The only thing you have to remember to do is be at the rink 15 minutes before the doors open so you can be directed to your seats. Space is limited and booking quickly!

The Chants
It all begins when the opposing team is being announced—Miami fans turn around so their backs are to the ice and shout “Who Cares!” after each player’s name is read off. When our team scores a goal we sing the fight song loud and proud, then yell, “We want more goals! Sieve sieve sieve sieve sieve sieve sieve, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault!” This is more of a light-hearted taunt. You will quickly pick up on the rest of the cheers just follow the lead of the veterans!

Red Alert Line
If you are a member of Red Alert, you can enjoy the perks of priority seating at the game! All you have to do is pick up your line number at Goggin between 1 and 2 p.m. on game day, show up an hour before doors open (which is two hours before the puck drops) and take your spot in the Red Alert line. You will be able to sit anywhere in the student section and enjoy the game! 
Head to the Red Alert table at the rink on game day to fill out a membership form if you are have not already done so. Membership is just $20!

Jump Around
One of our biggest traditions as fans at the hockey game is dancing to “Jump Around” during the third timeout of the third period. The dance is quite similar to “The Monkey”, a classic dance move that was popular in the 60s. Talk about a throwback!