Miami University's Bekka Westrick sends her third blog from Indianapolis, site of the 2013 NCAA Women's Swimming & Diving Championships. She swims Saturday morning in the 100 freestyle preliminary heats. Bekka will send her final blog Saturday night.


Friday is always one of my favorite days in a championship set up! That is because it is the day of the 100 fly. This race is the race that I have the most fun swimming. While I was swimming it today, I remember enjoying every stroke. Even though I was not too pleased with the my outcome, I did have fun swimming my race. 

Nothing can beat my amazing teammates coming out to support me today. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again, I could never imagine better teammates. They really are like family. 

Tomorrow is a big day. It will be the last four laps of my swimming career. Well, maybe ... Haha ... at least my collegiate career and I am very excited that my career will end at the NCAA's. 

Love and Honor 
Bekka Westrick