Miami Quotes

John Cooper

General thoughts on the game: We went into halftime down four. Then we had a stretch where (Kent State) got up and we were able to cut the lead, but we could never quite get over the hump. With the way they were shooting the basketball, they always seemed to make timely shots.

On staying positive as the end of the regular season nears: What you're trying to do is get good effort, you're trying to get guys to stay locked in and to make sure that you don't lose what you are trying to do and to make sure everyone understands that everything we do now serves a purpose.

Vince Legarza

On how it felt to play his final home game at Millett Hall: It's sad. I got a little emotional after the game. What people don't see are the endless hours that you put in this gym. Luckily for me, we still have some basketball left to play. I get to play with this group of guys and these coaches, and it's not quite over yet.

Jon Harris

On tying a season-high with 16 points: Guys did a good job today of setting me up. Coach kept calling out some good sets where we were getting some shuffle-cuts and I was getting open. I'm finally starting to make some open shots and feeling more confident.

Kent State Quotes

Head Coach Rob Senderoff

On the Golden Flashes defensive effort: I didn't think we did a good job defensively in the first half, but in the second half we stepped up and it made a big difference for us.

On making a season-high 13 threes: There are days where they don't go, but today was one of the days that we were able to make a bunch of them. Some were contested and we were able to get some in transition. That's a big deal for us, because when we are able to make 13 threes we're going to score a bunch of points.

On Saturday's game being more competitive than the team's previous meeting against Miami: At halftime it was a four-point game. It was much more competitive and much tougher for us (than it was in our last meeting). The final score wasn't really indicative of the flow of the game.