Midweek throughout the 2012-13 school year, I will showcase some of the best quotes from Miami University athletes, coaches, personnel and alumni. Listed below are a few comments from the past week. Enjoy!

"Quotation Marx"


  • "Just like coach (Don Treadwell) said, 'It has been six years now and it's time for a change.' We are going to try to bring (the Victory Bell) back to Oxford where it belongs and play hard." - Senior quarterback Zac Dysert on Saturday's rivalry game against Cincinnati.

  • "When we were in high school, the mind set was, 'You'll be the starting receiver and I'll be the starting running back and we'll just take over Ohio. But once we got here and they switched me to wide receiver, we just kind of looked at it like we're both going to be playing the same position, so it's probably going to be even better. It's really fun playing with him next to me." -Dawan Scott on switching positions and playing with former high school teammate David Frazier, who is also a wide receiver for the RedHawks.

Men's Basketball

  • "You look, four, five years down the road, I would hope that we have gotten to the point where people won't say we have a good team, but they'll say we have a good program, meaning that - I always say this - teams can have a good year, good programs are always competitive even when you lose five or six seniors." - First-year head coach John Cooper on the future of the basketball program.

  • I think the potential is here. I think the brand is there. When you say Miami, people know what you are talking about. People understand what kind of place it is, what kind of school, what kind of degree it offers, the alumni base and the pride they have in the school are all things that are really exciting. If we can tap into that, then I think we have a chance to do something special. - First-year head coach John Cooper on what excites him most about the basketball program.


"What a battle. It was just a super hard-fought, physical game. I'm very pleased with how our kids responded to not only the difficult conditions and the physicality of the game but also having the lead and being pulled back level twice. We responded so positively on both occasions, I'm really pleased." - Head coach Bobby Kramig on the team's 4-2 victory over Kent State Sunday.