By Garrett Smith

OXFORD, Ohio - The Brotherhood has evolved into a phrase that students, fans and Oxford residents associate with Miami Hockey, as well as a value-rooted concept that the players live by. Saturday morning at Goggin Ice Center, the RedHawks were on hand to teach the team's philosophy to some rising young stars from the area.

Fifty-five members of the Butler County Youth Hockey Association joined the 26-member Miami Hockey Team in the Club Lounge for a retreat to learn more about The Brotherhood. Miami head coach Enrico Blasi and the team's leadership consultant, Dr. Don DiPaolo, addressed the young hockey players before splitting off into smaller groups.

In small groups, the young athletes were taught about four areas: Leadership, Accountability, Communication and Loyalty. Within these mini groups, the youth players got one-on-one time with a current RedHawk to discuss each topic.

The retreat ended with a closing talk from Coach Blasi and a group photo. Youth players walked away from the event with a better understanding of the key areas of The Brotherhood, allowing them to grow both as hockey players and as young men. Miami players left the successful day having taught their mission and vision and will be able to watch the younger players develop because of it.

Saturday was a day of teaching and learning, talking and listening, and growing and developing. The Brotherhood was introduced to the youngsters and reinforced for the Miami Hockey team. Miami Hockey will continue to spread the mission and vision of The Brotherhood to the youth hockey community in Butler County.