Head Coach Don Treadwell

"Defensive touchdowns are important. As the game went on our defense got better at doing what they needed to do. Special teams allowed us to put them in bad field position."

On the running game
"We have been using running back by committee recently. It's OK if it takes four or five backs to make one really good back. However, we always like to see if someone gets a hot hand and as the game went on we found the Jamire (Westbrook) and Spencer (Treadwell) in the game but that all starts up front with our offensive line."

On Southern Illinois' coverage of Nick Harwell
"As their defense keyed in on him, he became less effective and so we had to spread the ball around. That’s the great thing about our offense. It isn’t focused around any one guy, so when they take certain things away, Zac can move on to the next read."

On Zac Dysert’s "escape-ability" today?
"Zac has always been that way long before he got here. He is big enough that if unless you get going at him full speed he can take those hits all while keeping his eyes down field."

On the springtime move of Hinkel to linebacker?
"There is a heck of a lot to be said for what our defensive staff saw. They were the ones who realized that he would work in this position. That has allowed us to get more players in on the back end in the safety slot."

On the kicking situation with freshman Kaleb Patterson?
"You never know how guys are going to respond until you put them in a game situation. Kaleb has been great and has done everything we have asked him to."

Senior quarterback Zac Dysert

"We didn’t throw the ball as well as we wanted to in the first half but the defense stepped up for us when we needed them. But in the second half we came out and did a lot better."

On the number of passes thrown to senior Andy Cruse and junior Steve Marck
"With Nick being so good, it opens everyone else up and allows us to spread the ball around."

On playing against a three-four defense
"It's a challenge to prepare for but you know you have to take what they give you."

Redshirt freshman Spencer Treadwell

On the early fumble
"I just had to keep my head up and wait for the next opportunity. I got a lot of encouragement from my teammates."

On scoring his first touchdown
"It felt really good and I just have to thank the offensive line for opening up holes for me to go through."

True freshman Kaleb Patterson

On his comfort level this week compared to last week
I felt really good about all my kicks except the last one. It’s like anything when you come in here has a freshman -- the bigger the game, the greater the pressure and so it was a lot easier this week.

Southern Illinois

Head Coach Dale Lennon

on the Saluki defense:
"That's the job of the defense to give the team a chance and we gave ourselves a chance but didn't do it. Sometimes you have to step up people a bit further and make a play here or there. That could be a difference maker as far as putting points on the board and that's the thing that Miami's defense did.

on SIU's kicking game:
"We made those two field goals and that's the nature of the game you have to make those field goals. At the end we were down by eight points in the fourth quarter and we had a chance to do something but if you don't make them you pretty much demoralize the rest of the team so that's an area we definitely need to improve."

on Miami quarterback Zac Dysert
"I think our guys played hard and that's where Dysert is such a good quarterback he's not an easy guy to bring down he's big, physical, has good pocket presence, he has everything you look for in a high quality quarterback. IN the first quarter we had opportunity for a sack in the back but they turned them into big plays one was a long pass another was a touchdown if you make those sacks those plays don't happen. So again those are opportunities that become opportunities missed.

Kory Faullkner
"I just don't think we played as good as we did last week. We're a better football team than we've showed the last two games. We just can't make mistakes and we just have to come out and play a full game. We're a good football team."

Mika'il McCall
"As far as running game everyone pretty much put up yards. So I'm pretty happy but we still didn't come through."