The 2012 Summer Olympic Games concluded Sunday (Aug. 12) in London. During the course of the Games, Miami University's SCOTT USHER, assistant coach of the RedHawk men's swimming team and a former Olympian from the University of Wyoming, composed a blog that offered insight about the events that were the highlight of his career. MURedHawks thanks Scott for his efforts in sharing his memories.


The closing ceremony at the Olympics is an opportunity for the games to create one last dream of opportunity and possibility or it's the end of a career. It is also the last showcase for the hosting country before they pass the Olympic flame to the next host. And for the athletes, this was our last chance to come together as Olympians for Team USA.
To the athletes during this event there are different emotions that are running through their veins. The athletes are excited to be a part of such a fantastic event but what the event means to them can vary. Whether professional or amateur, novice or veteran, the closing ceremony is a night that the Olympic athletes use as a symbol for their athletic career and where it will be going next.

Many of the athletes who attended the closing ceremonies see them as a celebration of what they have accomplished. The event is full of music, theatrics, fireworks and more, which allows athletes to have an amazing time celebrating. These athletes have decided to stay in the present and enjoy the moment of the closing ceremonies. They choose not to make any life changing decisions and enjoy the last night of representing their country.

Then there are athletes who see the closing ceremonies as a symbol of their athletic career coming to a close. With the Olympic games taking place every four years the athletes have to make a tough choice about continuing to train for the next Olympics. These athletes who have decided to use the closing ceremonies as an end to their career have seen a reason to move on with their lives and experience the closing ceremonies as an emotional and memorable life changing moment. The athletes may have won gold or finished last but all of these athletes have found that it is the right time to close their locker and hang up their cleats.
The final group of athletes that I found at the closing ceremony was the athletes who watched the Olympic flame being passed on to the next hosting country and dream of being there in four years. These athletes are already dreaming of repeating their gold medal wins or simply having the honor of representing Team USA once again. They will have choices and sacrifices to make but they know that representing Team USA again is a dream they want to come true.
The closing ceremonies is an amazing event that show cases for one last time the tradition and greatness of the host country, while ushering in the next country to host the Olympics. The ceremony allows the athletes to celebrate their successes and representation of their country. It is also the last opportunity to see in the athlete's eyes; their dreams, excitement or closure to a lifelong pursuit of becoming an Olympian.