Quotation Marx

Midweek throughout the 2012-13 school year, I will showcase some of the best quotes from Miami University athletes, coaches, personnel and alumni. Listed below are a few comments from this week's football practices and the men's and women's cross country coaches. Enjoy!


"Just the first day I got here, I didn't know who he was," junior wide receiver Nick Harwell said about senior quarterback Zac Dysert. "I mean, I knew who he was, but we really didn't know each other. He walked up to me and slapped me on the butt and said, 'Are you a receiver?' I said, 'Yeah man'. I slapped him back on the butt and said, 'Are you a quarterback?' He said, 'Yeah man.' So, ever since then we've been good friends."

"He does a great job of reading defenses," senior quarterback Zac Dysert said about junior wide receiver Nick Harwell. "He knows when blitzes are coming and when he needs to adjust routes. I can just look at him and we can look at the defense and we kind of know what they are going to do and I know what he's going to do. It's a great feeling. He's like a safety net for me."

"My first love is to these kids and to this job, but you always have some loyalty for your Alma matter," said defensive line coach Nick Siatras, who is a graduate of The Ohio State University. "I was part of that program (OSU) for two years in '04 and '05 under coach (Jim) Tressel and it's special. This will actually be my third time going back and playing against them since I've been there. It's always an exciting time, but now being in my first full-time capacity, it's even more exciting."

"There are a lot of intangibles about being a great linebacker," linebackers coach Matt Edwards said. "Being a leader of the defense, being a coach out on the field, but the basic fundamentals at the end of the day come down to tackling. Great linebackers are always great tacklers. They've got an amazing ability to find the ball and do something violent when they get there."

"As coaches, you're always trying to get your best 11 on the field and (defensive coordinator) Jay Peterson had the notion that Pat (Hinkel) was one of our best 11 football players and that he'd really improve our athleticism," linebackers coach Matt Edwards said on Hinkel's move to the position. "He was right and Pat has been a bonus for our defense."

"Many of these young men on our team and Ohio State, number one, have played together, many of them on the same team, and certainly at worst have played against each other," coach Don Treadwell said. "So you have a lot of neat carryover of young men that have a little bit of history between them and they are going to be aware of each other and where they've been and that makes it a fun type of experience as it is, let alone the fact that obviously you are gong into Ohio State's stadium and that type of thing. So, I think it will be very special for our Ohio guys as they move forward and probably our older guys especially because they've been here a number of years and they've seen a lot of their teammates or guys they've played against play at Ohio State, so I think it will be very exciting for them."

"Our non-conference schedule may be one of the toughest we've ever had in the history of the program," coach Don Treadwell said about playing Ohio State, Boise State and Cincinnati."


Women's Cross Country

"Surprisingly, this group is probably more focused and motivated than any group I've had in years," women's cross country head coach Kelly Phillips on whether she was worried about having 16 of her 21 XC runners be freshmen or sophomores. "They're really young, but they just get it. Some teams get it and some don't. This team just gets it, and they're really fit."


Men's Cross Country

"My goal with the team and the conference is that we're always one of the three or four top teams, which we were up until last year, the first time we weren't in that (top three or four) for a long time," men's cross country head coach Warren Mandrell on his goal for the season. "Because I think, if you're legitimately a top three or four team, then you can think about winning."