Quotation Marx

Midweek throughout the 2012-13 school year, I will showcase some of the best quotes from Miami University athletes, coaches, personnel and alumni. Listed below are a few comments from this week's football practices, the women's soccer team and hockey's Pro Camp. Enjoy!



  • "It's in the back of your head. But right now you just need to focus on the things you need to focus on - the things that you can control. Just coming out here and giving it your best everyday in practice and not taking a day off, pushing everybody else to get better and the rest will take care of itself." -- Senior quarterback Zac Dysert about playing in the NFL


  • "I'd just say decision making. Just becoming a student of the game, learning different defenses and being able to recognize those a little quicker." -- Dysert on what he's improved the most this offseason


  • "He's a strong kid. He's like country strong. He's ready to play college football. You can tell he takes a serious approach to the game."  -- Senior defensive lineman Austin Brown on freshman guard Brayden Cook


  • "What a lot of people don't know about Nate outside the locker room is how enthusiastic he is about the game. He really cares about the game on a personal level and tries to instill that personality in all of his teammates. He's really a leader." -- Freshman defensive end Bryson Albright fellow defenseman and former St. Xavier teammate Nate Gerbus. 



  • "I can't rub that in. We're good buddies. It's not awkward or anything like that. We didn't speak at all during the playoffs. The first time we actually spoke was in the handshake line once it was all over." -- Alec Martinez  about beating former Miami teammate and current New Jersey Devil Andy Greene in the NHL's Stanley Cup Finals.


  • "I'm going to take it golfing in the morning, then I'm going to have a pool party at my house. I think the coolest part of the whole thing is sharing it with people that you care about." -- Martinez about what he's going to do with the Stanley Cup (his day is Friday, Aug. 31)


  • "I know it's a transition period being a freshman, but I want to bring offense to the team. I also need to be responsible defensively and obviously World Juniors is a big thing that I'm looking forward to and hopefully will get the chance to do. Those things and being able to have success at Miami is huge for us, so trying to bring everybody together is something we're working on and it's going pretty well. If all those things happen, I'll be pretty happy with my year." -- Freshman Sean Kuraly during an interview on a Canadian radio show The Pipeline Show Aug. 21.



  • "That was fantastic! All credit to Ellie (Zabielski) in the marketing office who set that up. It was literally standing room only. People were complaining there wasn't any place to sit, which is not something that we're used to. But it certainly sparks our kids and inspires them to play harder, so we'd like to see that same kind of crowd out again this Friday. And, with a marquee team like Northwestern coming in, hopefully we'll get it." -- Head Coach Bobby Kramig on the large crowd at the team's season opener last Friday vs. Xavier.