OXFORD, Ohio - The Miami Sports Marketing Department consists of four full-time staff members, a full-time intern, six sales-terns and 20 Sports Marketing Academy student interns. The sales department is responsible for increasing revenue through tickets, suites and/or fan experience sales. As we enter the final week of Incoming Student Orientation, the Sales Department reflect on the importance of the month of June.

“Orientation is the first chance we get to 'welcome' the incoming students and parents to the Miami family and show them how much of a positive impact Miami Athletics can have on their time here on campus,” said Scott Sterling, assistant director of sales. He continued, “The energy levels of our sales interns are what keep me going! Most of these students are here for a reason; to learn how to prepare themselves for a career after college. This internship does that more so than most, so the students that realize that are always coming in each day with a passion to learn more and always bringing high energy, which makes each event extremely fun to be around.”

When asked how orientation affects the overall sales plan, Sterling remarked, “Orientation is a crucial time for us as we only have 16 opportunities rain or shine to engage, excite and seal the sale. We are only focused on one football game during Orientation, Family Weekend - the best time to come back to campus, and have prepared a ticket package that greatly benefits the fans who purchase it. Our goal for every event is to increase attendance by selling the experience and fulfilling the promise.”

Sales and service manager Dan Clark had similar thoughts on orientation.

“Orientation is extremely important because we are welcoming new members to the Miami family, as well as new fans. We can have a lasting impression on these new students and their family.”  

As he continued to reflect on how Orientation affects the Football business plan he said, “Orientation plays a huge role in how we are trying to execute the business plan. As the old saying goes, we’ve had this circled on our calendar since last year. Orientation gives us an opportunity to expand our fan base both students and parents alike. June is a busy month for marketing and sales as we continue to sell tickets to games that are  several months away, yet it’s exciting to see the hard work pay off come Fall!”

The newest member of the marketing staff, marketing assistant Enyinna Chimezie, was assigned the project of orientation for his internship experience. As the day-to-day organizer of the sales interns, he remarked, “The way I look at it is; I have the privilege of constantly meeting and forming relationships with new people, and those individual moments and connections are what really stand out at the end of each day.  These students are all eager to learn while improving daily. The TASK for us is to create the balance of working hard while having fun. I’ve said personally, “I wished I for one attended a bigger university to have the opportunity they all have right now which is PRICELESS.” I have been consistently surprised and impressed by just how tight-knit of a community Miami University has been created by the staff and interns at Orientation. Everyone is aware and on board with the team GOAL and no one would even think twice about going out of their way to help someone else out.  The strength of the team is rare, and I think it creates a dynamic that is truly special.”


The following eight Guiding Principles of the Marketing, Promotions and Sales Department guide our daily decisions.

  1. Provide a great work environment conducive for continuous development immersed in a culture of respect and dignity for all staff members.
  2. Customer Service is Everything: Apply the highest level of customer service to fans, alumni and students. Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time.
  3. Build Brand Equity: Continue to positively build equity in the Miami University Athletics brand in everything we say, do and produce.
  4. Expand Partnerships, Both Corporate and Community: Contribute to the campus and community through effective partnerships, events and collaborations that benefit all.
  5. Follow Through: Recognize that attitude and effort coupled with action and accountability will always determine the level of success our coaches, student-athletes and ultimately our fans’ experience with Miami University Athletics.
  6. Sell the Experience and Fulfill the Promise: These are essential components in the way we do business.
  7. Create the Distinctive Miami Gameday Experience: Ensure each fan has a unique experience while attending a home event for Miami University Athletics.
  8. Create Synergy Between the University and Athletics: Ultimately through daily efforts and strategies, work with the University to create the best home field advantage to contribute to the competitive success of our student-athletes and coaches.