OXFORD, Ohio - Miami Athletics is now taking applications to join the Miami Usher team. Miami Ushers are an integral part of gameday at Miami and help to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at all of Miami’s ticketed sporting events.

Our current Miami Ushers offer skills and experiences from various professions, including farmers, teachers and longtime residents of Oxford and the surrounding communities. All come to work at Miami because they have a passion for service, and most importantly a passion for Miami Athletics. A warm and welcoming environment is what Miami Ushers strive to emphasize to ensure that everyone has a great experience and leaves Miami with a lasting memory.

Miami Usher Floyd Hurston has worked for nearly 50 years at various sporting events on Miami’s campus. When asked why he still works and commutes from Middletown, “It’s about the people! Everybody is happy and if I can put a bigger smile on their face then I’m happy!”

The Miami Usher team serves Miami Football, Ice Hockey, Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Volleyball, as well as many other championship and ticketed events at Miami. Ushers fulfill a variety of roles on game night, such as security and bag checks, golf cart shuttle drivers, ticket taking, program sales and other customer service positions. Safety at Miami sporting events is paramount with many ushers having backgrounds in professional security agencies and military service. Miami Usher Bret Leveline proudly served his country in the military and now uses skills gained through service as a Miami Usher.

When asked about his military background and how it carries into his position as an usher, Leveline replied,“I spent four years in the U.S. Air Force (active duty). One of the ways that my military background helps with being an usher is the ability to adapt to different roles; whether being a program seller, working a gate or seating customers in the venue, maintain a positive attitude and remember that each role is needed and needs to be executed well for the success of the entire team.”

Describe how Miami Athletics creates a family atmosphere:

“One of the ways I see Miami Athletics creating a family atmosphere is through the autograph sessions with the different teams. This interaction between the fans and players allows for some personal contact that the fans would not normally get. I see this event changing a fan’s perspective from just purchasing a ticket to a game, to having a vested interest in a team and players that the fan has met,” Leveline said.

How has being a Miami Usher impacted you personally and professionally?

“The personal impact of being a Miami Usher is the relationships made with the other ushers and the relationships with season ticket holders,” Leveline continued. “It is nice to be able to go out for dinner with fellow co-workers after an event and share what’s happening with our children or grandchildren or discuss the X’s and O’s of the game.  A professional impact would also be a personal impact and that is time management. The amount of events from beginning of the football season to the end of the basketball/hockey season are many and require me to keep my calendar updated since the amount of available hours decreases during the time that I usher. I have to maximize my time management with family, work, ushering and taking a class.”

Much like athletic departments are considered the front porch of a university, Miami Ushers are some of the first smiling faces you see when you attend Miami sporting events. Ushers are devoted to delivering great customer service and treat every fan as if they are a guest in their own home. Miami Ushers balance working for Miami with other full time jobs. Tara Bowers is one of many ushers that balances a career, a family and being a Miami usher at the same time.

“Balancing my time as a mother and a Miami usher is challenging yet rewarding,” Bowers said. “My children and husband understand that my position at Miami is important to me.  While they miss me when I’m at work, they appreciate my commitment to my job and the time it requires.”

What do you love most about being a Miami Usher?

“It allows me to interact with the university community on a social, yet professional level,” she explained. “I like being part of a team that helps to ensure that people attending events receive the best experience Miami has to offer.”

Describe what it means to work with Love and Honor?

“Working as an usher at Miami is more than just a job.  It’s a larger involvement with the players, coaches, families and members of the Miami community,” Bowers shared. “To work with Love and Honor is to understand my part in the Miami community, and to fully realize and appreciate my own Miami experience.”

The Miami Usher team is a diverse group of great people with whom I have been fortunate to lead and to work with during my time at Miami; they truly embody the Miami way of Love and Honor. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of an organization that upholds the highest standards of safety and customer service, all while earning a paycheck! For more information or questions, please contact Michael Beirne, Assistant Director of Game Operations, at beirnemf@miamioh.edu or 513-529-0488. Applications can be submitted here.