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  Men's Basketball
  Women's Basketball
  Field Hockey
  Men's Swimming & Diving
  Women's Swimming & Diving
  Synchronized Skating
  Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
  Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
  Danny Hayden, Head Coach
  Jeremy Ison, Assoc. Head Coach
  Matt Davis, Asst. Coach
Men's Basketball
  Sheldon Everett, Asst. Coach
  Trey Meyer, Asst. Coach
Women's Basketball
  Cleve Wright, Head Coach
  Colleen Day, Asst. Coach
  Ashley Saia, Asst. Coach
  Patrick Henry, Asst. Coach
  Matt Lynch, Dir. Video Operations
  Lindsay Scarlatelli, Dir. BBall Operations
Field Hockey
  Iñako Puzo, Head Coach
  Chip Rogers, Asst. Coach
  Chuck Martin, Head Coach
  George Barnett, Co-Off. Coor./Offensive Line
  Eric Koehler, Co-Off. Coor./QB Coach
  Matt Pawlowski, Defensive Coordinator
  Joe Palcic, Linebacker/Special Teams
  Bill Brechin, Wide Receivers/Special Teams
  John Hauser, Defensive Backs
  Pat Welsh, Tight Ends
  Corey Brown, Defensive Line
  Autry Denson, Running Backs
  Steve Brockelbank, Assoc. AD/Football Operations
  John Douglas, Offensive Graduate Assistant
  Drew Engels, Defensive Graduate Assistant
  Taylor Housewright, Graduate Assistant
  Israel Woolfork, Graduate Assistant
  Zac Zedrick, Head Coach
  Enrico Blasi, Head Coach
  Nick Petraglia, Asst. Coach
  Tommy Hill, Asst. Coach
  Bobby Kramig, Head Coach
  Matt Ward, Asst. Coach
  Clarisa Crowell, Head Coach
  Brittany Lastrapes, Asst. Coach
  Justin Shults, Asst. Coach
Synchronized Skating
  Lee Ann Shoker, Asst. Coach
  Ricardo Rosas, Asst. Coach
Men's Track & Field
  Jordan Goffena, Asst. Coach
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
  Kelly Phillips, Head Coach
  Brian Etelman, Asst. Coach
  Chuck Rey, Asst. Coach
Strength and Conditioning
  Mackenzie Cutter, Asst. S&C Coach
  Adam Thackery , Asst. S&C Coach
Sports Medicine
  Dr. Steve Dailey , Director of Sports Medicine
  Jason Eckerle, Assoc. Athletic Trainer
  Chris Elmore, Asst. Athletic Trainer
  Drew Ruckelshaus, Asst. Athletic Trainer
  Dominic Vincentini, Asst. Athletic Trainer
  Academic Support
  Athletic Training
  Broadcasting/Steve Baker
  Development/Red & White Club
  Event Management/Game Operations
  IMG/Corporate Sales
  IMG/RedHawk Radio
  Ticket Office
  David Sayler, Director of Athletics
  Mark Rountree, Deputy Director of Athletics
  Jude Killy, Senior Assoc. AD
  Coleman Barnes, Assoc. AD/Development
  Jennie Gilbert, Assoc. AD/SWA
  Craig Bennett, Asst. AD/Academic Support
  Dave Meyer, Asst. AD/Communications
  Mike Roth, Asst. Communications Dir.
  Chad Twaro, Asst. Communications Dir.
  Angie Renninger, Assoc. Communications Dir.
  Chris Smith, Coord. New Media
  Keanah Smith, Assoc. AD/Game Ops
  Chase Speaks, Director of Camps
  Lisa Miller, Compliance Director
  Megan Henderson, Sales and Marketing
  Alex Weikel, Director of Ticket Operations
  Max Hurley, Asst. Ticket Director
  Patrick Ransdell, Asst. Director/Development
  Scott Usher, Development Coordinator
  Chad Burns, Asst. Equip. Manager
  Jake Warnke, Asst. Equip. Manager
  Miami University
  Miami President Dr. David Hodge
  Mid-American Conference
  National Collegiate Hockey Conference
  Red Alert
  Miami University Alumni Association
  Goggin Ice Center
  Miami Cheerleading
  Miami Marching Band