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By Dave Meyer (@DaveMeyerMU)

· The first two days of practice were fun to be around, but today had a different feel, now that the pads are on. The team wore just uppers (helmet and shoulder pads) and will do that again until Friday when they suit up in full gear.

· In celebration of the pads, the team opened practice with a drill called “Two-Spot.” In this drill an offensive player squared off with a defensive player in a line of scrimmage battle that would showcase physical strength. While the two players would compete for just a few seconds, the intensity of this drill was amazing. It may only be Aug. 6, but at the end of that five minute period I was ready for some football.

· I thought the offense was outstanding today. Very few balls hit the ground and I can only remember one turnover (Jay Mastin interception), despite a majority of team periods.

· Orlando David had an exceptional day. David was a guy that struggled in the spring to catch the ball, but his improvement has been remarkable. On several occasions he made tough catches look routine and was nearly unstoppable during the redzone period.

· Another day and another David Frazier long athletic reception. Today he got behind the defense for a 50-yard over-the-shoulder diving grab.

· Andrew Hendrix was strong once again. His best throw of the day hit Rokeem Williams in stride for a 60-yard touchdown catch.

· I could be completely wrong here, but freshman tight end Nate Becker is going to find a way onto the football field this year. His reaction time, combined with his physical strength allowed him to dominate in the “Two-Spot” drill. Later on, he was making acrobatic catches down the middle of the field for several big plays.