Miami Athletics is designing the best tailgating area for its fans this Fall.  Tailgating: the aged-old process of setting up a temporary camp near the stadium. With more than 100 years of football tradition, the new tailgating location, added amenities to grill, party and play before the game, this tailgate area will be the place to be before kick-off in Oxford. And YOU can determine the name of the new tailgating area.

Note: The new tailgating area will be in the West Millett parking lot on the south end of the lot by the RV Parking.

If you win, not only will you be recognized for coining the name but also, reap the rewards.

First Place – Special tailgating area for you and nine of your friends, complete with grill, food and games. Oh yeah, tickets and parking too.
Second Place – Parking in the tailgate area including your own 10 by 10 tent.
Third Place – Parking pass in the tailgating area.

Guidelines, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!
1.    Name should embody the college tradition and festive atmosphere of football game day
2.    Name should include creativity and should reflect Miami/Traditions unique to us
3.    Less than seven words

Send in your selection
Any Miami fan can provide a name for the new tailgating area!

You can send in your entries on Swoop’s Official Miami University Facebook Page or you can submit your names via email to Miami Sports Marketing at

Deadline to Submit your Tailgate Name Entry:  Friday, May 16